Styku 3D Body Scans

At Rejuvenation Rooms we understand that achieving your ideal body shape can be a challenging and time consuming process,  that’s why we offer Styku 3D body scanning services to help you visualise your body composition and track your progress.

Our Styku 3D body scanner uses state of the art technology, infrared cameras and software to create a detailed three dimensional model of your body. The process is quick, painless and non invasive, taking only a few minutes to complete.

During the scan, you will stand on a rotating platform, while the cameras capture images of your body from all angles. The software then uses these images to create a digital model that accurately depicts your body shape and composition.

Once your scan is complete, you will receive a detailed report that includes measurements of your body fat percentage, muscle mass and other key indicators of health and fitness. You can use this information to track your progress over time, make adjustments to your diet and exercise routine and set new goals for yourself.

Our 3D body scanning technology is ideal for anyone looking to improve their health, fitness or body composition. It’s particularly useful for fitness enthusiasts, and people who are undergoing body transformation. Whether you are looking to optimise your performance or simply want to track your progress towards a healthy lifestyle, our 3D body scanning services can help.

At Rejuvenation Rooms, we are committed to providing the highest level of accuracy and privacy, your scan results will be kept confidential. Many of our clients couple this together with our Emerald Laser fat loss treatment. If you are ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, schedule a 3D body scan with us today and see the difference for yourself.

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  • What is a Styku 3D body scanner?

    The Styku 3D body scanner is a technology that uses a combination of infrared sensors and cameras to capture a 3D image of a person's body. The process involves standing on a rotating platform while the sensors and cameras take measurements and images from multiple angles. The data collected is then processed by software to generate a detailed 3D model of the body, which can be used for various applications, such as fitness tracking and body measurements.

  • Is the Styku 3D body scanner safe?

    Yes, the Styku 3D body scanner is safe. The scanning process is non-invasive, pain free and does not expose individuals to any harmful radiation or require physical contact with the body. The sensors and cameras used do not emit any harmful radiation and are designed to be safe for use on individuals of all ages and sizes. Additionally, the scanner is certified by various regulatory bodies, including CE, ensuring that it meets safety and performance standards.

  • How long does a scan take?

    The scanning process typically takes less than a minute, with the data processing taking a few more minutes. The entire process can usually be completed within 5-10 minutes.

  • Can the scanner accommodate individuals of all sizes and shapes?

    The Styku 3D body scanner can accommodate individuals of various sizes and shapes. The platform can hold up to 400 pounds and can scan individuals up to 7 feet tall.

  • What should I wear for my scan?

    To get the most accurate results from your Styku 3D body scan, it is recommended that you wear form fitting clothing, such as tight fitting workout clothes, or close fitting underwear. Avoid wearing loose clothing, as it can affect the accuracy of the scan by creating shadows and obscuring the body's contours. It is also important to remove any jewellery, watches, or other accessories that may interfere with the scanning process. If you have long hair, this needs to be tied up, ideally positioned on the top of your head so as not to obsure measurements to the neck. Additionally, it is recommended that you do not wear any lotion, oil, or moisturiser on the skin before the scan, as it can affect the way the sensors and cameras interact with the body's surface.

  • What is included in a Styku 3D scan report?

    A Styku 3D body scan report typically includes the following information:
    Body measurements: The report includes detailed measurements of various parts of the body, including the arms, legs, waist, hips, and chest.
    Body composition analysis: The report provides an analysis of the body's composition, including measurements of body fat percentage, muscle mass, and visceral fat.
    Posture analysis: The scan can also identify any postural imbalances or asymmetries that may be present, which can be used to develop corrective exercises or stretches.
    Health risks: The report may also provide an assessment of health risks associated with the body composition and posture analysis, including risks of developing conditions such as heart disease, stroke, or diabetes.
    Progress tracking: The report may include comparisons of current measurements to previous scans to track progress towards fitness and wellness goals.

    Overall, a Styku 3D body scan report provides a comprehensive analysis of the body's measurements, composition, and posture, which can be used to inform fitness and wellness goals and track progress over time.


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