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Rid your body of unwanted, stubborn hair and achieve silky smooth skin at Rejuvenation Rooms, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Our high-end Soprano Titanium Laser is the most advanced hair reduction laser on the market. This sought-after treatment only continues to grow in popularity, due to it being virtually pain-free, highly effective and minimal in risk.
What makes the Soprano hair removal system superior is it simultaneously targets different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicle using the three most effective laser wavelengths in one applicator to destroy the hair follicle.
At Rejuvenation Rooms, we recommend an initial course of 8 sessions and yearly top-up sessions to ensure permanent hair reduction. If you wish to learn more about Laser Hair Removal, give us a call to book your free consultation and experience the laser yourself during the patch test to see how truly comfortable it really is!

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  • What laser do you use for body laser hair removal?

    Here at Rejuvenation Rooms we use the incredible Soprano Titanium by Alma. Featuring its exclusive 3D technology, it combines the 3 most effective laser wavelengths to target all anatomical structures of the hair follicle. It is also suitable for all skin types.

  • Is Laser Hair removal on my body painful?

    No. The lasers unique ICE PLUS cooling system constantly cools the skin, ensuring a comfortable, safe and virtually pain free experience. Certain areas may feel slightly prickly to begin with, however most of our clients liken it to a warm massage.

  • How many laser hair removal sessions are recommended?

    Laser hair removal produces the best results when a course of treatments are performed at regular intervals. We usually recommend a course of 8 sessions, however depending on how well you respond to the treatment this may be sufficient, or you may need extra top up sessions to get the results you are wanting. Typically our clients will often start to see results after the very first session! The hair will become finer, patchier and the growth becomes significantly slower.

  • Can I go on holiday after my hair removal session?

    Yes, you are safe to go on holiday in between your laser sessions as long as you wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF30+ as minimum.

  • Does hair removal only work on dark hair?

    Our laser hair removal system works by using the 3 laser light wavelengths to heat up the pigmentation within each hair. This heat will radiate out to damage the structures that create the hair. There are two types of melanin in hair, brownish black (eumelanin) and reddish yellow (pheomelanin). All hair colours are made up of a mixture of these apart from white hair that does not contain any melanin. Laser hair removal will usually work on hair that contains eumelanin but has no affect at all on hair that is made up of pheomelanin.
    Blonde, dark blonde, ginger, auburn and grey hair may have a mixture of eumelanin and pheomelanin in which case laser may have some effect as it will interact with the eumelanin. If your hair is made up of concentrated pheomelanin only, laser hair removal will not have any affect at all. For clients with blonde, ginger or grey hair we recommend a patch test and if any change in hair growth occurs around 6 weeks after the patch test, a reasonable hair reduction result may be achieved from treatment. If no change occurs from the patch test, laser is not recommended.

  • How do I prepare for my hair removal laser sessions?

    We need you to be fully shaven before your treatment. This is because we don’t want the laser energy to be wasted on the exposed hair, we need all that energy to be focused on the follicle beneath the skin.
    It can also increase the chances of experiencing that ‘prickly‘ feeling, so it’s for comfort reasons too.
    Do not use sun beds for one week prior to your appointment.
    Remove all fake tan products.

  • How long does laser hair removal last on my body?

    Results will vary from person to person. Hormonal changes can affect your hair growth too. You can experience up to 90% permanent hair reduction after you have completed all your treatments.

    The occasional top up session may be required yearly. For most, the results have a huge impact on their lives.


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