Acoustic Wave Therapy

Cellulite is caused by tight connective tissue pulling down the surface of the skin. This allows underlying fat pockets to protrude through, giving the classic dimpled appearance of cellulite, often referred to as ‘orange peel’ skin.
At Rejuvenation Rooms we fight back against cellulite with our Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) device. AWT works by stimulating fat cell break down and increasing both collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage, resulting in a more softer appearance of unwanted lumps and bumps associated with cellulite to achieve a smoother silhouette.
By disrupting the fat cells with radial waves, this treatment allows the body to flush away unwanted fat through the body’s natural waste elimination process. It also relaxes the tight connective bands which create the dimpled effect on the surface of the skin. Improvements can be seen within as little as two to three weeks, reducing the effects of cellulite and decreasing the circumference around the legs, hips and arms.
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  • What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

    Acoustic wave therapy (AWT) is a non-invasive medical treatment used as a treatment option for cellulite, which is the dimpled, lumpy appearance of skin that can occur on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and other areas of the body.
    During an AWT session for cellulite, a specialised device emits high-frequency sound waves that penetrate the skin and underlying tissues. The sound waves create mechanical pressure and vibrations that break down the fibrous bands that contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

  • How does Acoustic Wave Therapy work?

    Acoustic wave therapy (AWT) acts by stimulating blood circulation, improving cell wall permeability, eliminate waste products from the body and, last but not least, they allow the reduction of fat cells and the relaxation of connective tissue that cause cellulite.
    It works by creating microtrauma in the tissues beneath the skin's surface, which stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibres. These fibres help to strengthen and thicken the skin, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite by smoothing out the dimpled appearance of the skin.

    Collagen bands are a major contributing factor to the development of cellulite. These bands are fibrous strands that connect the skin to the underlying tissues, and they can become tight and inflexible over time. When this happens, the bands pull down on the skins surface, creating a dimpled appearance.
    Acoustic wave therapy can help to relax these collagen bands, which can reduce the tension on the skin and improve its overall texture.

  • How many treatments are required?

    We recommend a course of 8 treatments to receive optimal results although changes to the skins texture and appearance can usually be noticed earlier.
    For best results we recommend having a shock wave treatment twice a week with a minimum of 3 days between each treatment. At a very minimum we would recommend 1 treatment a week. Over time, repeated treatments with acoustic wave therapy can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite by smoothing out the skin and reducing the dimpled appearance that is characteristic of this condition. However, it is important to note that acoustic wave therapy is not a permanent solution to cellulite and may require ongoing treatments to maintain its effects.

  • How long do results last?

    Results are dependant upon the individual and some can last much longer than others. In order to prolong your results we recommend a relatively healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of water and enjoying light exercise regularly. Some people will require top up sessions after approximately 4 months and some will find that they will require a maintenance treatment much later.

  • What does acoustic wave therapy do to the fat cells?

    Acoustic wave therapy (AWT) is not designed to directly target or destroy fat cells, but it can have an indirect effect on fat deposits that contribute to the development of cellulite.

    Cellulite is caused by a combination of factors, including the accumulation of fat deposits beneath the skin, the thickening of connective tissues that pull the skin downward, and the weakening of the skin's supporting structures.

    Acoustic wave therapy works by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers, which help to strengthen and thicken the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, the microtrauma created by the acoustic waves can also help to break up some of the fat deposits that are contributing to the appearance of cellulite.

    While the effects of AWT on fat cells are relatively minor, the therapy can help to improve blood flow to the treated area, which can facilitate the breakdown and elimination of fat cells over time. The therapy may also help to improve lymphatic drainage, which can further reduce the accumulation of fluid and fat beneath the skin.

    Overall, while AWT is not a primary method for directly reducing fat cells, it can indirectly help to reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving skin structure and circulation, and by breaking up fat deposits.


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